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Raising Standards of Digital Asset Custody for Institutions

Digivault offers a fully customisable, white-glove service designed and deployed to the most stringent institutional and regulatory standards, providing tangible solutions in a rapidly evolving world. 

Secure by Design

Digivault solutions are built to be secure, driven by risk assessments that meet exacting standards of the most robust institutional risk committee.


As the first standalone digital asset custodian to be registered by the Financial Conduct Authority as a cryptoasset firm, Digivault seeks to remain at the forefront of compliance standards.

Institutional Focus

Digivault offers a premium experience focused on building long-term partnerships, strategically designed for institutions.

Solutions to fit your needs


Kelvin provides secure, offline, deep digital asset storage inside the vaults of leading storage provider Malca-Amit.


A differentiated, offline warm custody solution designed to deliver institutional-grade, live, and secure digital asset storage.


Digivault provides unparalleled security through

The Digisafe Policy engine that enables clients to configure user roles, meeting individual needs.

Defence-grade hardware, meaning we use the same technology used to protect key national infrastructure.

Physical protection, afforded by our vault provider Malca-Amit.

Data centres which are former nuclear bunkers.

Leading Coin Support

Digivault can secure BTC, ETH, USDC, USDT, TUSD, EQO, LINK, PAX, GRT, MATIC, WOO, CHZ, DOT, BCH, XRP in addition to over 50 ERC20 Tokens – please contact us for more information or to discuss your requirements.

Digivault Authenticator

The Digivault Authenticator app is the most secure and convenient way to access and control all your custody accounts. 

  • Safe and easy to use
  • Secure biometric authentication
  • Faster transactions with QR codes
  • Review and approve account activity

Read the Digivault Custody Risk Report

Being informed of the risks is to be empowered to take precautions and steps to mitigate against them. This report aims to lift awareness of possible loss events and threats and arm crypto market participants with the information to protect their investments.

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Digivault is part of a Nasdaq-listed Company


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For the blockchain and digital asset industry to achieve the promise of digital assets, we must first understand the problems that limit adoption, find realistic solutions and focus on executing those solutions

What are the biggest challenges for institutions that adopt crypto?

What are the biggest challenges for institutions that adopt crypto?

What does it mean to provide ‘institutional’ crypto services, and what role does blockchain technology play? Robert Cooper of Digivault explains.

Digivault becomes the first FCA registered digital asset custodian to custody Polkadot

Digivault becomes the first FCA registered digital asset custodian to custody Polkadot

Digivault, the industry accredited, highly secure, and insured digital asset custody business, has become the first custodian, registered by the UK Financial Conduct Authority, to custody the crypto asset Polkadot (DOT).


Raising standards in secure and scalable custody of digital assets for institutions

Digivault Limited is registered by the Financial Conduct Authority under registration number 927958.
You can confirm our registration on the FCA's website Registered Cryptoasset Firms (

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Digivault's Secure by Design mantra is cemented by internationally recognised standards and accreditation. Digivault is Cyber Essential Plus accredited and ISO27001 certified.

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