About Digivault

Digivault’s team draws from decades of experience designing, developing and delivering highly secure technical solutions within financial services, and the defence and security sector

Principles guide all that Digivault delivers.


No Compromises
Digital assets secured by Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) and traditional banking Public Key Infrastructure technology with networks secured by hardware normally reserved for protecting defence systems and key national infrastructures.


Secure By Design
All architecture is aligned to insurance industry best practice and Government cryptographic standards; FIPS 140-2. Digivault is Cyber Essentials Plus accredited (July 2019). The Secure by Design mantra is further enhanced by Digivault seeking ISO27001 Information Security Management certification and ensuring all penetration testing is carried out to CREST standards. Helios will be aligned to Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

Secondary Asset Protection

Insurance Backed
Diginex and Digivault have been working with leading insurance broker Marsh since January 2019, to ensure the custody solutions meet the insurance industry’s requirements. The collaborative process ensures that all services can be offered with Lloyds of London underwritten cover.


Aligned to the world’s leading Regulators
Diginex is in the process of ensuring regulatory coverage in key jurisdictions and as a member of Global Digital Finance is at the forefront of regulatory discussions. Digivault intends to apply for licenses to enable the secure storage of digital assets, the indicative list of permissions include, but are not limited to safeguarding and administering investments.


Transparency is everything
To meet the exacting standards of institutional clients, Digivault has subjected key development code to stringent third party code reviews in addition to working with the insurance underwriter’s auditor of choice, Ankura, to carry out an in-depth risk assessment of the business and custody platform.


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